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 June 8th, 1:00pm, Milton

Milton Philharmonic Orchestra

"Music at the Library"

June 15th, 1:30pm, Brampton

Great Lakes Philharmonic

"Classically Composed!"

"Stabat Mater" - Justin Lapierre - World Premiere - 2023

Listen to the rest here

"Practice from Back to Front; Techniques and Problem Passages" - Council of Canadian Bassoonists - Masterclass - 2023


1000 Shields of Gold 
Great Lakes Untamed 
Trio Op. 51 "Oldenbourg" 
Scraps from a Madman's Diary
Stabat Mater
Freyja's Chariot 
Little Women
Mass de Saint Anne 
Justin Lapierre 
Erica Procunier
Matthieu Lussier
Katherine Likhuta
Justin Lappiere
Jordan Jinosko
Mark Adamo
Stas Omelchenko
Justin Lapierre
2024, World Premiere 
2024, Ontario Premiere
2024, World Premiere
2024, Canadian Premiere
2023, World Premiere
2023, Canadian Premiere
2023, Ontario Premiere
2022, World Premiere
2022, World Premiere
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